Innovative Painting Tapes and Hard Painting Tasks

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Achieving painting perfection is easy for even the shakiest hand when the project involves a flat piece of drywall that can be simply trimmed and taped. Arched doorways, spindles, intricate windows or baseboards call for more than the traditional straight-edged masking tapes. While taping off walls and trim makes any job easier, masking these areas can be the most challenging part of the job. To curb the fear and ease the stress, special painting tapes are available to mask every complicated and hard-to-reach surface. These tools simplify the prepping and painting process and garner the results of a professional painter.

Paint Circles Around Problems

Painting projects involving bowed architecture and rounded edges are difficult when using traditional, rigid painting tapes intended only for straight lines. Protecting these areas has now become easier with the exceptional pliability of Curved Masking Tape. Maneuverable around any rounded design, including arched doorways, half-moon windows and even doorknobs, this unique painting tape eases painting preparation and improves the final results. Curved Masking Tape can even add to an artist’s creativity, as it can be easily positioned to create rounded designs, like circles and clouds, on otherwise plain, nontextured walls.

Back Troubles Into A Corner

Masking off window corners is one of the most tedious parts of any paint job. From French doors to glass cabinets, painting around windows is an undesirable task. The use of masking tape on corners helps to simplify this process by increasing precision. Appropriately called Quick Corners, each pre-shaped corner forms a 90-degree angle that fits into every window corner and masks off the perfect shape. By simply connecting the corners with strips of window-safe painter’s tape, the glass is protected, exposing only the trim sill in need of painting. Once the job is complete, simply remove the tape and corners by pulling and lifting the nonstick tab.

Avoid The Floor,

Get The Baseboards

Using drop cloths to protect the floor when painting baseboards is a no-brainer. However, old sheets or tarps are cumbersome and often shift during use. Pretaped Drop Cloths feature a pretaped edge that helps the cloths stay in place while fully exposing the baseboard for painting. Statically treated to cling to the carpet or hardwood surfaces, the drop cloth is ideal for catching splattering paint and containing dust when sanding. Drop cloths with a professional-grade masking tape also make painting and protecting chair rails and other decorative elements much easier, both during use and clean-up, as they remove cleanly from drywall, wood and glass.

By using products designed to simplify the preparation process, homeowners can take on the toughest painting tasks and finish with professional results they can proudly say they did themselves.

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